Lit. Circles

For our second book of Lit. Circles, I have done 3 activities. I would say I’m going quite well and so is the rest of my group. Here is my best one so far.


Lit. Circles

imagewe have started our new book called The Bombing Of Darwin.

My group members are baby Jim, Seb, Owen, Ethan.k, Ethan.b and Timur. I will keep you updated on this book.

Greensborough College band

Today A.P.P.S went to the hall to listen to to the Greensborough College band. I  didn’t know the first couple of songs then I started to know them and enjoy it. My favourite song was the Michael Jackson one. The song I least liked was the Miley Cyrus one because I’m not into her songs.

Thanks Greensborough College for coming to our school.

My rhyming poem

 Dad is rad

just like lad.

He is just like a pool,

that is cool.

My dad had

a really gross fad.

He is called

a nice shad dad.

My dad is as bice

as rice mice.

Science blog entry

On Friday grade 5 had to make a rocket and had to make it fly with air pressure from a bottle. (The rockets were made out of paper) Our goal was make the rockets fly with just air pressure.

My groups success wasn’t the best, but it flew the way we wanted it to and used air pressure. A success we hoped for. The wind and the gravity might have stopped ours from flying far. 🙁

Next time my group will make our rocket more areo dynamic by having no gaps. We also need more lift energy.


Leadership day

Yesterday Apollo grade 5’s went to Montmorency for a leadership day. Mitch met us in an auditorium.

We were given coloured bands and I was in yellow, with Kynan. Mitch started with a quick game then we went off to our activities.

My favourite activity was the cops and robbers type game, I got four people out when my team were the cops.

I learnt that teamwork can get you further in activities. Leadership is very important in many situations.

Now that I’ve been to the leadership day I want to be a sports captain.